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Construction and Carpentry

Construction and Carpentry    
Charles Herdt, Instructor

This course provides the skills that enable the students to compete for jobs in the construction field.  Major areas of study include:  Basic Safety, Basic Math, Hand & Power tools, Introduction to Blueprints, Laying out a Foundation Frame, Framing a Floor, Framing a Wall, Framing a Roof, and Finishing the Interior and Exterior of a House. Students completing the full two year program will be equipped to pass the NCCER which is a nationally recognized certification indicating mastery of industry standards.

In order for students to be successful in the Construction program, the following student prerequisites are in place:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in Math (last course taken)
  3. CTC approved application
  4. CTC approved application and TABE Reading Score (eighth grade or higher)

Course Credit:  2 Carnegie Credit per year.

Course Description: The Construction course introduces students to fundamentals of construction safety, tools, math, and blueprint reading, as well as basic carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing skills.

By implementing the National Center for Construction Education and Research’s Learning Series construction skills standards into the construction-related pathways, students who successfully master the curriculum should have the skills required to enter the workforce or pursue an advanced degree. These skills are based on industry-validated performance indicators. The pathway will include applied instruction designed to articulate with programs offered in Mississippi’s community and junior colleges.

Course Description: Carpentry (Course Code: 993110)

The Carpentry course consists of an in-depth study of basic safety, construction math, materials, wall, ceiling, and roof framing; windows and doors; and construction essentials. This one-Carnegie-unit course should only be taken after students successfully pass Construction Core. Upon the completion of this course, students will have the knowledge to complete the NCCER Level I Certification.

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