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Health Sciences

Health Sciences      
Gary Brooks, Instructor

This course offers an excellent opportunity for exploring the various career options within the health care field.  Some particular units of study include First Aid, CPR, Vital Signs, Medical Terminology, Body Structure and Function, Health Related Careers, Nutrition, Funeral Services, Each System of the Body – nervous system, endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system, Emergency Health care, Pharmacy, etc. Second year students have the opportunity to job shadow at local healthcare facilities.

In order for students to be able to experience success in Health Sciences, the following prerequisites are in place:

  1. C or higher in English (the previous year)
  2. C or higher in math (last course taken)
  3. B or higher in biology
  4. CTC approved application

If the student completes the 2-course sequence – Two of the four credits may be used as two Science credits toward graduation)  The student also receives the ½ credit in Health that is required for graduation.


Year 1: Course Description: Health Sciences (Core)

The Health Sciences (Core) course introduces students to the theory and practical applications of tasks related to employment in the field of health science. Students will cover topics such as safety in the workplace, infection control, health care systems, and the vital organs of the human body. The course offers insight into careers in health care as well as educational requirements and the professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities involved.

Year 2: Course Description: Healthcare and Clinical Services

The Healthcare and Clinical Services course helps the student establish insight in the healthcare field. Students will be exposed to the theory and applied tasks related to careers within health care. This course covers topics such as human growth and development, health informatics, information technology, and therapeutic and rehabilitative services. Other topics include medical and emergency services, mental health, and pharmacological and nursing services.